Joint exhibitions

2014          EAQ VIII,  travelling exhibition, Museum TwentseWelle, Enschede,
The Netherlands, september

2014          EAQ VIII, travelling exhibition, Birmingham, UK, August

2012  Wool and Sheep around the North Atlantic, a travelling exhibition in Norway
2012  The Icelandic Textile Guild, Reykjavik, March

2011  Gallery SIM, Berlin, September
2011  The Icelandic Textile Guild, Akureyri, North Iceland, July

2010  EAQ V, German Textil Museum, Krefeld, Germany, Jan – March

2009  Contemporary Nordic Quilt, Rhösska museet, Gothenburg, May-Sept.
2009  Cross Section, The Icelandic Textile Guild, February
2009  EAQ V, Textile Museum, Herning, Denmark
2009  EAQ V, National Quilt Museum, Paducah, Kentucky, USA
2009  EAQ V, Haydon Gallery, Lincoln, Nebraska,

2008-09     EAQ V, Fries Museum, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands, Nov.- Mar
2008  EAQ V, Chojun Textile & Quilt Art Museum, Seoul, Korea, Sept.-Oct.
2008  European Art Quilts V, travelling exhibition, Birmingham, UK, August
2008  Galleri Frøya, Jubilee exhibition, W-Norway, July

2007  EAQ IV, Textil Muzeum, Budapest, Hungary –  Sept – Dec
2007  EAQ IV, Textil Muzeum, Budapest, Hungary –  Sept – Dec
2007  EAQ IV, Textile Museum, Herning, Denmark, June – Sept.
2007  Europe EAQ IV, CK Media Gallery, Golden, Denver, Colorado, USA – April
2007  EAQ IV, Haydon Gallery, Lincoln, Nebraska, USA – March

2006-07     EAQ IV, The Dutch Textile Museum Tilburg, The Netherlands, Oct. – Jan. 2007
2006  EAQ IV, Museum of Printed Textiles, Mulhouse, France, July-September
2006  EAQ Quilts IV, European Art Quilt Foundation, La Sucrière, Lyon, France, June
2006  The North Atlantic Islands, Copenhagen City Hall, March
2006  NAS Keflavik 3rd Annual Fine Art Show, March

2005 World Quilt Show on Tour: Columbus, Ohio; New Hampshire; Pennsylvania;
Santa Clara, California, USA
2005 Festival of Quilts, European Art Quilt Foundation, Birmingham, August
2005 NAS Keflavik 2nd Annual Fine Art Show 2005, June
2005 World Quilt Carneval, Part of WorldExpo 2005 in Nagoya, Japan, May

2004 The Icelandic Textile Guild, The SIM-house, Reykjavik

2003 The Icelandic Quilt, Gerðuberg Cultural Center
2003 World Quilt Tour, in Michigan, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and California, USA
2003 Hungarian Blue Print in Gödöllö, Debrecen & Tiszaujvaros, Hungary,
and Val d’Argent, France

2002 Nordic Art Quilts, at the International Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas

2001 Icelandic Quilters’ Show, Reykjavik City Hall

1997 The l’A.P.P.E.L. Culture Festival in Gondrin, France.

1995 The Golden Chest, Laugarvatn, South Iceland,

1992 Foreign artists living in Iceland, Gallery Austurstræti 8

1990 Gallery Allra handa, Akureyri, North Iceland

1983 Gallery Paletten in Tromsø, Norway
1983 Tromsø Art Society in Tromsø, Norway

1978 Trondheim Association of Decorative Arts, Norway